Evaluation Study

HEALWA completed a study in 2015 whose purpose was to understand the value of HEALWA’s evidence-based information services. In other words, to determine whether HEALWA aids in clinical decision-making and impacts the care of patients. Tania Bardyn, PI, engaged Moss Adams, a professional consulting firm, to administer the study and analyze the data.

The study was conducted via an online survey that was administered by Moss Adams. Institutional Review Board approval was obtained from the University of Washington to conduct the study. A link to the online survey was emailed to 130,079 email addresses, obtained from the Washington State Department of Health. The survey was opened February 9, 2015 and closed on April 17, 2015. After data cleanup, a total of 7.124 respondents were included in the data set for analysis.

21.6% of respondents had used HEALWA resources, and 78.4% had not. Of those that had used HEALWA resources, 80.5% responded that HEALWA has “some” to “significant” impact in providing clinical value. Furthermore, 79.9% reported that HEALWA has “some” to “significant” impact in contributing to higher quality of care in their practice. Specifically, participants answered that research using HEALWA resources “sometimes” to “frequently” helps with the following:

  • Advice given to patient or family – 83%
  • Diagnosis – 82%
  • Choice of other treatments – 82%
  • Choice of drugs – 77%

Of those that had not used HEALWA resources, 86.9% responded that it is because they did not know that HEALWA existed or because they had forgotten about it. The survey itself served as a marketing tool and reminder to eligible health professionals about the availability of HEALWA, and many respondents said they would start using it after taking the survey.